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Graphic Design - Printmaking, Ceramics, Photography

East London

Sabrina Kad-Bay

Job Title: 





Hi there,

I am a first-year Graphic Design student at University of Westminster (able to commute), and I am looking to gain work experience in the creative industry. This is because I am progressing onto my second year and feel it is necessary for me to start getting involved in how creatives develop as professionals.

I have experience on different printmaking methods from my course such as: Screenprinting, Risograph and Textiles, as well as Adobe software (Photoshop. Premiere Pro, InDesign, Lightroom, Illustrator and Portfolio). I would love to work at Art of Football as I look up to you. After researching your company, it caught my eye how you convey your company's statement and essence through branding and art direction varying amongst different clients yet staying true to your own identity. I admire the versatility in your company when it comes to reaching to your audience, you implement graphic elements on different formats and join these with other visual art forms (illustration, animation, branding). I am a fan of your work and would love to be involved in this community.

As I am a student and looking to get introduced into the industry I do not expect payment per year, but would still be open to discuss this further along.

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