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Visual Artist and Graphic Designer

London, UK

Sabrina Tirvengadum

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Sabrina Tirvengadum is a London-based British Mauritian visual artist. Her practice involves graphics, collage, and photography; she focuses on exploring her identity and cultural heritage. Sabrina studied Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster and for many years she worked as a Graphic designer.

Having hearing loss as a second-generation immigrant, she learned how to hide and suppress her struggles due to the ableism ingrained in her culture as well as our western society. In an effort to open up a dialogue about identity, Sabrina turned to protest art to communicate disability justice. Sabrina is one of the co-founders of We’re All Human. They’re a group of creatives who’re driving momentum for an inclusive culture in digital design spaces.

As part of her studio practice, she creates collages made from magazine cut-outs, vivid digital illustrations, bold graphics and photography to explore the fragile stories that often go untold.

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