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Experimental, sculptural material maker, social practice

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Sacha Gray

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My practice is in sculpture and installation, using ‘objects’, ‘things’, sculptural materials such as clay and other non-traditional materials that are usually found in my own home environment. Items of clothing, practical domestic items and furnishings as well as cardboard are dominant features in my work. The unifying factor in the material used and my manipulation of it will usually present some notion of bodily discord and/or subvert purpose originally held within the material.

The body and its relationship to the home or housing, and the occupation of space continue to be the concepts that drive my work. Within these ideas, there is a play with volume, extension and edge that I like to explore. Often, I'm posing questions about societal rules regarding ownership of space as well as trying to understand the science and psychology of human spatial ‘being’ in the world.

It is my preference to experiment with ways of working with material where I have little or no formal training or particular skill. This forms a large part of my method of working and is an important part of my process both in terms of challenging conceived limitations and equally, the experience of working this way offers liberation and positively drives my view of creative and logistical possibilities.

Embodying everyday material is a strong theme throughout my practice and also veers over to participatory work where play is introduced as an element of the work rather than only in the process of making a finished product. My interest here is in challenging what agency means around such things as use of boundaries, use of space, thought process and action. Essentially, this part of my work offers me the space to step back and view from outside of my own psychological perspective and conduct informal experimental research.

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