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Painting and Drawing


Sadie Aston

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Sadie is a multi disciplined artist focusing specifically on Drawing and Painting. Her concepts are based around the anthropocene and socio- environmental issues surrounding it. More recently her practice has been centred around animal ethics and speciesism. She approaches her work with a realistic style combined with varying textures to intentionally shock an audience once the theme is revealed through the use of a title. Sadies work is motivated by the idea of transformation, turning the more grotesque aspects of real life into beautiful pieces of art. The specific qualities of her paintings have been known to denote surfaces such as skin and feathers, creating an oddly satisfying view of an unknown animalesque landscape. The aim of her work is to educate society about the detrimental effects of many immoral opinions that society has, where they view themselves as superior to the rest of the world, and to narrow this gap.

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