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Sam Larter

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Sam Larter is an artist from Yorkshire, UK. Her work has been shown in exhibitions around the UK since graduating from her BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2017. Some of which is held in private collections. She has also created commissioned work.
She is a maker of things. Her work is made from everyday ubiquitous materials that are plentiful and easily found. The forms and images produced are abstract and influenced by noticing shapes and structures that are present to us, but which may be considered unimportant, mediocre, or bland.
Sam foregrounds the making process whereby simple, humble objects are transformed into art through exploration, experimentation, and manipulation. She often works quickly, in an ad-hoc way, responding to materials and processes and valuing spontaneity over sophisticated planned outcomes.
Observing, drawing, and making are central to her practice. She wants to challenge barriers and obstacles to creating art. She does this by utilising everyday materials that are usually free and accessible and by finding new ways to incorporate discarded matter into sculpture - thereby transforming its purpose.
Sam works between sculpture, drawing and printmaking and likes the idea of producing something from nothing. She advocates making do with what there is to hand, within the space and time available. Sam believes that everybody should have access to art whatever its form.

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