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Sarah Cohen

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Sarah is an artist and writer, who lives, works and arts in London. She works with collage, sound, video, installation, text, and digital portraiture.

Some of her work is rooted in imagined, fantastical worlds, angry worlds, powerful personas, all with one foot in reality. Sometimes the work is autobiographical, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes the lines are blurred. Subjects have spanned class, chronic pain, Jewish identity, and feminism. The work is often confessional, and she seeks to find truth, if not answers, in feelings. Her research currently focuses on how ghosts exist in our daily lives.

Her sound works have been featured on Montez Press Radio, video showed in online group exhibition Here’s One I Made Earlier in collaboration with Off Site Project, and writing published in Pliable Tools and Common Zines. Most recently, she exhibited in Pure Class, a collaborative show with the RCA Working Class Collective.

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