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Shan Purdy

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My name is Shan Purdy, and I am a self-taught fashion & portrait photographer who lives in Hull, East Yorkshire and works across the UK.

Although I have always been a creative person and studied Fashion Management at Sheffield Hallam University, I stumbled upon photography almost accidently. It wasn't until I reluctantly volunteered to photograph a group project that my tutor realised my talent and encouraged me to pursue it as a career.

Taking my dad's old camera, and some knowledge from him too, I continued my course with photography at the heart of everything I did, educating myself through dedication and experience to reach the distinctive, often feminine style that I embody today. My ideas often stem from the distant fond memories I have growing up in a working-class family through the late 90's/early 2000's, before the rise of technology. Although I work primarily with digital, film photography is something I am still exploring - there is something about the unknown of film, and pausing to think about what you're taking without the instantaneous result we so often crave these days.

I have since gone on to be featured on Sky Arts, published in international magazines and have worked with independent designers up and down the country, helping them sell their product, inspire their followers and tell their story

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