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Visual Artist, Textile Designer, Freelance Set Designer

Mumbai, India

Shyamolie Madhavji

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I have acquired my BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Arts University of Bournemouth a couple of months ago in 2020. After spending years of experimenting with painting, installation, media, textile design and curation, I have returned to Mumbai and founded Faceprints- where I work on my paintings and textile prints in my art studio. I aspire to be a Visual Artist and sell my work and exhibit in galleries worldwide in a couple of years.

"Allow me to start by introducing myself as a passionate visual artist, textile lover and free lance set designer. Being brought up in a family full of art lovers and established artists it is no surprise that I have inherited this creative talent too. Being raised in Mumbai I am habituated to the main hub of street art and popular art festivals and exhibitions.

My artwork revolves around the theme of Rogan and Ajrakh handicrafts and textiles from my motherland Kutch, along with the beautiful sights and sounds of Mumbai that one sees on their daily routine. Making paintings which revive my religious values and beliefs makes me proud of my ethnicity and takes me back to my ancestral roots. My paintings have the ability to express my emotional and sentimental persona. My work allows me to explore my unconscious ideas and awakens my creative personality. I find myself continuously discovering more about the historical background of my country and emotionally connecting myself with various traditional customs and ethnic values. Hence my artwork is a combination of my personal upbringing in Mumbai and my cultural family history from Kutch.

After visiting Kutch and spending a couple of days with the local craftsmen and artisans, I was inspired to make my own textile designs and revive them in my paintings. Textiles and handicrafts have always been very close to my heart as my great grandmother used to paint on saris and various other garments. Seeing her paintings made me motivated to reach out to entrepreneurs that can help me revive these magnificent crafts and promote the hard working and skilled craftsmen of Kutch.

Working across a variety of media my work includes paintings, installations and textile prints. Painting with any medium apart from acrylics and guaches takes me out of my comfort zone which allows me to experiment with various techniques like screen and lino prints. My paintings include splashes of multi colours with intricate patterns with an abstract and contemporary twist. I often enjoy making a fusion of paintings and installations."

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