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My work comprises mostly painting and installations, and both are based on the manipulation of the material through folds, cuts, superpositions creating shapes until a balance in the composition is achieved.

In this creation process, very often I combine painted material on canvas with other different materials via collages and/or assemblies with ‘found objects’ or with slightly manipulated objects if the final composition requires it so. This juxtaposition of different materials also offers a blend of textures that enriches the piece through impressions of shadows, folds and creases.

For me, the physical engagement with the material to transmit experiences and ideas is vital. Through investigating the material and its expressive possibilities I create works that suggest objects, places or emotions that I have previously experienced and that its unhurried observation triggers a reconnaissance of the object, the place or the emotion that inspired it via new paths of the imagination, in this sense the titles of the works either give a hint or are clearly a declaration of intentions.

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