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Simon James

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I’m a self trained sound artist and composer engaging in deep listening to the unheard and hidden - mixing field recordings with electronic sources such as the Buchla Electric Music Box, which over 10 years of exploration and performance has become my main instrument. The hidden and unheard aspects of my listening extends to communities and spaces that could be considered neglected and unheard.

My compositional approach is exploratory, playful and instinctive, focussed on timbral shaping, finding the sounds in between the sounds and exploring the relationship between these and field recordings.

I’m currently developing an exhibition, 'Neolithic Cannibals', working with young people from the council estate where I grew up, for Brighton Festival, May 2024, exploring themes of the unheard and invisible, of neglected communities and stigma, with Whitehawk Hill Neolithic Camp, itself neglected and invisible, acting as a powerful symbolic focal point.

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