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Interdisciplinary Artist and Writer

Newham, East London

Sleeping Dave Corbett

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“The random in art is also a powerful catalyst in social change." –Gustav Metzger 'Auto destructive art'

My practise is inspired by the potential of computer algorithms to perpetually generate what Metzger describes as the ‘random in art’. The digital collages and abstract Sonifications I create employ permutating imagery, sound, text and movement; each configuration a new arrangement unique to the moment in time of its reception. The visual code of Max/MSP is intentionally preserved in the work to include connections, annotations, miscellany and errors; layers of handiwork that become integral features in the final composition. This methodology aims to make manifest what we might consider the ‘digital patina’ of the work, by revealing those intuitive markings and discursive processes often concealed in acts of digital creativity.

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