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Sophie Keith

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Sophie Keith is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Their practice currently concerns itself with the notion of utopias, and works with the idea of creating abstract, utopic non-spaces within their paintings - the subject of these paintings are based on shapes within photographs that they have taken, in which reality has become abstracted. By using several references to create one painting, Keith is exploring the notion that these images are built up from several sites, creating multiple worlds in a singular image. Sites which are a representation of our own world, but which cannot exist within reality. Although the shapes in Keith’s paintings are based on objects in photographs, the painting method relies heavily on working with chance and intuition. The subject of the photographs used for Keith's paintings are often found in nature, the home, and architecture.

Keith's works deals with how architectural forms interact with nature and how this can be abstracted and diffused through technology, and is often inspired by folklore and prehistoric sites.They are attempting to create impossible worlds, and a language within the pieces that is represented by hidden and revealed layers. Keith's paintings draw influence from op art, Bauhaus and science fiction artwork, and their practice involves abstracting reality through a combination of repetitive processes and automatic drawing.

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