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Sophie Stanway

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Sophie Stanway is a third year BA Fine Arts student at Liverpool John Moores University. She specialises in painting and her medium of choice is acrylic paint. Sophie works on a large range of materials, varying from wood, to fabric, to canvas and is currently experimenting with multi disciplinary practice. Alongside using her own poetry as a basis for her current artwork project, she is creating experimental visuals and sound using film alongside her painting; Also experimenting with projection into shapes, the distortion of digital imagery.
Sophie’s work is usually heavily influenced by an art theoretical or historical narrative and her last collection consisted of stylistic depictions of feminist symbolism found through self directed research into mythology, religion and the renaissance.
Her artwork is a passionate and expressive depiction of experimentation, breaking down narratives and blending ideas to create bright and interesting imagery.
Sophie comes from a working class background, originally from a small town in Staffordshire, Stoke-On-Trent. Her use of cheap materials and process of creation originally was due to financial limitation. However, now she uses such to her advantage, transforming any surface paintable into a work of art.

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