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Stephanie Marvel

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As an emerging artist my practice is multi-disciplinary and constantly evolving. However, it has always been influenced by my own life and hyper-fixations, as well as being coloured by my lived experience as a late-diagnosed autistic woman. Research and learning are fundamental to my practice, as is experimentation and I am inquisitive, enquiring and playful. I research widely and am interested in many subjects. As an autistic woman, my life has been curtailed by my internal fears and a lack of conformity and I have never left Hastings, the town that I was born and bred in. My location and the links to my environment are hugely significant to me as a person and an artist.

As someone who has struggled throughout my life to adapt, books have been constant companions and are immeasurably important to my world, my well-being and my practice.
I read, examine and explore many subjects, including, history, economics, philosophy, politics, science and technology, natural and social history and music and film and I am drawn to science-fiction in literature, film and television.

I relish a deep-dive into my interests and create constantly and intuitively. Curiosity is the foundation of my work and I produce imaginative abstract works in a variety of mediums, including painting, collage, photography, sculpture, film and adapted found objects. I am particularly drawn to the ‘cute’ and kitsch aesthetic and an abundance of bright colour. As my practice encompasses many threads, I tend to combine multiple works into cohesive installations. As a life-long bibliophile, I also create bespoke, books, sketchbooks, junk-journals and zines.

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