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Stuart Jones

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I am interested in the environment and the way we view and experience it. My work is informed by the urban and rural landscape and ideas of utopia, dystopia and the sublime. I create work exploring reality within environments and our relationship with them. I am intrigued by places and spaces that exist within our lives and ideas around natural disasters, climate change and current social and political issues. I use a wide range of contemporary and traditional painting and drawing media from oil paint and mediums to household paint and spray paint, working the paint surface of the canvas flat on the floor or on the wall. My work explores our relationships and connections with the landscape and how this is consistently in flux. My process varies and evolves over time but generally starts with drawings, images and collages that I have manipulated and experimented with using photocopying. We are increasingly disconnected from our environment due to technological advancement and in a consistent conflict with the natural world due to the way we live. I approach my work with these ideas and thoughts with the hope that they gain traction in the spaces in the work. The human presence is missing from my paintings enabling the viewer to become the missing human presence within the work, the spaces becoming portals that the viewer has to negotiate into another world, space or time.

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