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Multidisciplinary performance and visual artist


T'kya Taylor

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My practice serves as a way for me to realise, call forth and address the uncomfortable aspects of myself. With an emphasis on live performance and moving image. I am allowed to assume another identity. Freeing myself from the constraints of humanity to become something of a clown or jester like figure and with this new identity I’m given permission to occupy and explore the supernatural, metaphysical space that exists in the mind.

my practice is centred around the idea of my emotions possessing their own identity, image and presence separate to myself, and through performance I can evoke, confront, and hopefully rid myself of these undesirable traits

Acting as an archive I am able to document the way a state of mind may look and feel In a more visceral way that words cant. Using spoken word and rough sketches to communicate what my performance or mask making may miss.

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