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Artist, sculptural textiles, jewellery, arts education


Tanvi Kant

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Inspired by the hem of my mother’s sari I explored methods of prolonging the life of textiles. By sourcing materials from my circles of family, friends and home-based tailors from South Asian Gujarati communities in Leicester, I re-work an array of textiles evocative of personal and often private histories.

Through coiling, knotting and stitching, materials of sentimental value or simply tired looking, unwanted items of clothing are transformed into jewellery drawing upon the convergence of the symbolic functions of cloth, costume and adornment.

I continue to rework saris, sari blouse-making off-cuts, scarves and clothing into jewellery, installations, objects and participatory projects. My work has evolved from practices of cordage-making, hand-embroidery, re-use and the association of adornment within sacred rituals.

Later works, made with fabric leftovers from tailors with their unusual symmetry, colours or shapes, hint at bodily forms and garments although they are not destined to be worn on bodies. Here, I explore the potential of hand-embroidery as sculpture and colour as forming tactile, emotional landscapes and spatial works.

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