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Photographer, Visual Artist


Tara Perry

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"Tara Perry is a Photograher and visual artist currently based in Birmingham. She studied FIMS - Fashion Image Making and Styling at the University of Salford.

Taras’s work focuses on femininity, mental health and the peculiar. These three concepts often mould together to create new worlds and different realities. Romance, sexuality and fictional narratives play a big influence in her concepts. Her work looks towards the art of self expression and the freedom of identity.

The past and the unpredicted future are conjured in her work, she looks at her memories to tell a unique narrative. Both reality and the imagination mix within her moulded sets, Tara’s FMP focused on the mind looking at the space around her. She dissected her bedroom, and created 6 shoots based on what the space meant to her, this varied between relationships to cleaning.

Currently Tara is working on a zine that looks into Life after Graduation called Overdrawn, it challenges the many problems that come with life after graduation. "

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