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Theresa Bruno (Tee)

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Theresa Bruno (b. 1988) was born in London, and currently lives and works in Sheffield. She studied sculpture at Wimbledon College of Arts graduating in 2010. She continued to exhibit work, curate projects and review shows in London. In 2013, she co-founded and co-curated ‘SIX project space’ for 14 months whilst in residence at Roumelia Lane in Bournemouth, Dorset. She now makes work, reviews shows in Yorkshire and is in Site Gallery's PLATFORM programme 2022/23, a two year residency supported by the Freelands Foundation.

Theresa is an emerging contemporary artist who is influenced by pop and conceptualism. She pokes fun at power structures and various types of hierarchies. Her pieces often reference the art world itself, as well as changing consumer taste and trends. In her work, traditional art constructs are disrupted by mixing the use of the readymade with new media. Her work redefines the monumental, by reframing and celebrating the mundane, normal and ordinary.

She likes to make people laugh, and uses humour to mask sometimes melancholic, complex or confusing narratives. For example, she often creates self reflective objects and characters which attempt to transcend their scenarios. Some of her pieces are site-specific, playing with their contexts to enrich the language and dynamic. She is cheeky, and sometimes exercises her artistic licence to be deliberately disobedient and antagonistic.

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