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Thomas Griffiths

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I am an artist currently studying a MA Fine Art degree, at Manchester School of Art and co-director/curator of GLOAM, a grassroots artist-run studios and gallery in Sheffield. My practice delves into public spaces, rife with hegemonic masculinity. Through playful use of materiality and symbolism, the work aims to infiltrate and divert attention towards the overlooked, highlighting nuances of working-class culture, queer identity, and mental health. Sensual-yet-gauche representations combine with tongue-in-cheek humour to convey these narratives. My practice is largely sculptural, resulting in installation and/ or intervention.
I primarily use low cost and recycled materials, utilising woodworking, casting, painting, and digital software to realise works. Current works investigate industrial objects and barriers within the public domain. I am interested in the relationship between identity and space. Identifiable objects are often reimagined and recontextualised, giving a new interpretation (often coded) in relation to the queer lens.

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