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Tim Pearse

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Timothy Pearse is an award winning fine art and portrait photographer based in Bristol, UK. Pearse's artistic practice takes a number of different positions within relation to the wider photographic community. These positions deal with his thoughts regarding the current trends within photographic production and aesthetics, as well as with his viewpoints on more abstract notions concerning issues derived from theoretical research.

The making of his photographs is a combination of an outward facing, research-lead methodology that is driven by philosophical and scientific reading, combined with practical experimentation with historic and antiquarian imaging processes, and an introspective visual development process which references theology, myth, the occult, and science fiction.

Through this creative process, and by making reference to the history of photography - yet centering the works squarely in a contemporary context - Pearse aims to create photographs which offer the viewer an opportunity to question the authenticity of the photographic image/object, and its place in relation to contemporary issues concerning selfhood, individualism, and introspection.

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