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Vicki Salmi

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Vicki Salmi is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is process driven and grounded in impulsive mark making as a rebellious, reaction to information overload and an overactive and restless mind, capturing what she sees and feels into a visual stream of consciousness. The work is in a constant state of flux, often deconstructed and reconstructed into new arrangements, flattening it into layers and form until it is captured in a controlled chaos of maximalist abstraction that leads the eye but won’t let it rest.

Vicki is an early career artist who finally found the opportunity to pursue art as an alternative to full time 9 to 5 as an admin worker for 30 plus years. Since embarking on a Fine Art Degree in 2019 and graduating with First Class Honours, she has participated in multiple group shows, including the Turner Contemporary Open 2021 and selected for a Graduate Art Show in Fitzrovia, as well as two solo shows. She was a member of the Atelier UCA supporting a public art project in Kings Hill with Yinka Ilori and had work commissioned for The Cross in Kings Cross, London. She is currently a member of the Programming Team for Crate Studio and Project Space, a studio holder at The Margate School, whilst continuing her studies on an MA in Fine Art at UCA. Future projects include a public art project for POW Thanet 2023

Since embarking on her studies it became apparent that Vicki is ADHD (currently awaiting formal diagnosis) which is a significant factor in how she approaches her work.

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