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Will Hughes

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Will Hughes is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Teeside. Their work is conceptually driven by their lived experiences as a queer, non binary person in the UK, mixing pop culture references with material language to construct moments. They wish to seduce the viewer through often using repetitive mechanical movement, glossy/shiny surfaces and the lens of glamour as a means of storytelling. Glamour is a spell which is cast, a blur, it is transformative and seductive, 'You can be too boring, but you can never be too seductive.' Donatella tells us. They are interested in how the recreation of form through casting, layering and bejewelling impacts on an objects cultural capital, this is extended through the artists desire to produce multiples. Contexts, social and material histories are weaved, used and sometimes abused creating a web Agatha Christie would be proud of. Reflecting on the past but always looking forward. Cold glamour and context repositions these objects and this is the intersection where Will is most interred. 

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