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Researcher, Sculptor, Writer

London and Manchester

Yasmine Brennan

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Alike to a bower bird they collect many things and store them away, every so often they put
them on display for people to see. The Marvellous things may come alive at times and
festering away within one's brain.

I am drawn to many trajectories as I create a sticky multi-layered archive of my own
idiosyncratic realm. Using the modes of allegories that are placed within children’s
narratives and folklore I adhere to making scenes that question and edge my audience on.
My practice is an active growing state that I have cultivated causing me to drift in between
different worlds of folklores and the certainties of the physical object all while addressing
time and where I stand in relation to things. Formed memory is a rooted thought within my
practice as I investigate the true intentions of Englishness and how this my adhere to my
own idiosyncratic world.

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