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Zofia Skoroszewska

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My work explores the space where technology becomes magical to most of us as we navigate through life today. My research, besides exploring textual works of art theory, visual inspirations and material cultures, incorporates personal experiences of migration, growing up after a drastic regime change, and most importantly, having the internet as my primary culture.

Taking inspiration from historical references, adolescent nostalgia and autoethnography, my work examines ideas and beliefs within material cultures and their correlation to notions prevalent in the information age. Attracted by the glow, animated by the ever-shifting nature of liquid crystals, I explore the moment of being mesmerised by the magic of the spectacle. My work sets out to present digital matter as embodied and tactile, connected to assemblages of agencies extending through time and space.

The objects I create are saturated with nostalgia, the liquid crystal rings speak to the hyper-individuality of adolescence. The objects are anchored in a vague historical context that addresses a pre-empirical understanding of matter. I tackle the inaccessibility of the in-between, making peace with the inability to access knowledge beyond the surface.

The artworks are created using traditional, labour-intensive stone carving and jewellery making techniques and made with materials such as silicon, a semiconductor metalloid, which is commonly used in the production of microchips, liquid crystals (the LCs of LCDs) and lab-grown sapphire which too, is widely applied as a component of high-end displays.

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