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87 Gallery Explorers Sessions

We absolutely loved last months ‘explorers’ session at 87 Gallery, The kids were super inquisitive and engaged. We explored our inner narratives and our histories through mono-printing. A method of art making which exhibiting artist Ben Brumpton explores.

87 Gallery Explorers is an opportunity to be part of something new and unique in Hull. Being an Explorer means you will discover, investigate, collaborate, and make exciting art in a professional gallery."

"Kids ages 7-16 can gather weekly with us in our brand new Studio, where they will have exclusive after-hours access to our exhibitions, and can get involved in a hands-on way."

We want our exhibitions to be as engaging and accessible as possible to multiple age groups and experiences. Being part of 87 Gallery's explorers sessions gave us insight into how we will move forward with further exhibitions and engagement activities in the future.

Find out more about 87 Gallery's explorers sessions here.

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