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Duo Artist Residency Unites Jim Brook and Grace Clifford in Collaboration with WCCD at YSP

Duo Artist Residency Unites Jim Brook and Grace Clifford in Collaboration with Working-Class Creatives Database at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) and Working Class Creatives Database (WCCD) are excited to announce a groundbreaking duo artist residency featuring Jim Brook and Grace Clifford. This partnership will bring together the creative talents of Brook and Clifford to

explore the complexities of lived experience and class constraints while shedding light on the voices of working-class artists.

Jim Brook (b. 1995, Dewsbury, UK) lives and works in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. In 2020 he

graduated with an MA from Leeds Arts University, having previously completed his

undergraduate study at the institution in 2018. Brook uses the power of the ready-made,

sculpture, photography and textiles to explore his lived experience, masculinity, home, folk

culture and class.

Grace Clifford (b.2000 Birmingham) has built a practice that often utilises intensive processes to reconcile with considerations around personal and shared heritages and experiences. Moving her practice forward, she is exploring the more immediate yet often unacknowledged moments and traces within these class associated environments. How do these subconscious behaviours and residues become synonymous to class?

The duo artist residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, in collaboration with the Working-Class Creatives Database, represents a unique opportunity for Brook and Clifford to not only enrich their individual practices but also create a platform for working-class artists to have their voices heard. This residency, set against the picturesque backdrop of YSP, provides the ideal setting for these artists to create new works that challenge perceptions, engage audiences, and highlight the importance of inclusivity in the arts.

The Working-Class Creatives Database, a vital resource for promoting and supporting artists from working-class backgrounds, will play a significant role in amplifying the impact of this residency. By bridging the gap between the creative community and underrepresented voices, this collaboration seeks to address critical issues of social class and inequality.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the residency as Grace and Jim will be taking over the WCCD Instagram page, sharing their work and what they are getting up to at YSP.

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