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Funding Outcome

Updated: May 3, 2023

With deep sadness we wanted to share the outcome of our first Arts Council bid, which was unsuccessful. On a lighter note, we have met some immensely supportive folk on our bid journey, we are grateful to have spoken and met with some wonderful organisations, galleries and artists. We have some constructive feedback and are still conducting our work and events (with exciting ones in the pipeline) with continued dedication to voluntary time to make stuff happen. If you like supporting working class folk, love art and want it to be more accessible and inclusive, we’re looking for donations to keep us going! We have a PayPal link via the ‘DONATE’ button on our website. Link is in the bio. We also have merch for sale via @87__gallery We are also available to host talks and events with organisations who would love to support us. Spread the word❤️ Massive thanks for the continued support and love. WCCD x

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