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WCCD Editions

Our model in moving toward a more equitable art world

Directors Seren Metcalfe and Chanelle Windas are thrilled to introduce WCCD Editions, an advanced way of representing our members within an equitable sales model.

Editions are a curated collection of limited edition prints of our members' art. Each month, we will release limited amount of exclusive artworks from working class creatives database members with an unlimited of accompanying postcards.

Our focus is to represent members who explore the rich tapestry of working-class histories, both historical and contemporary; showcasing art that holds significance for past generations and will resonate with future ones. By doing so, we aim to actively contribute to progress and advocate for best practices within the art world.

In the spirit of best practices, we are committed to being financially transparent. The diagram will be used to clearly outline where the profits from each sale are directed. With WCCD Editions, profits are shared three ways: 50% goes to the artist, 25% supports the initiatives of WCCD CIC, and the remaining 25% is directed to an organisation or charity of the artist's choice. This could include sending 25 % of profits to grassroots orgs, charities, or initiatives like food banks that are all local / resonate with the Artist. This chosen entity will align with the ethos of WCCD and the background / community of the artist.

Through this model, we create a healthy cycle of sharing capital, by using capital to advance the development and sustainability of working class artists' careers, guiding example of best practice for the current art world by supporting those who’s history we are exploring, documenting, exhibiting & celebrating.

Through this model we are promoting sustainable community care & cohesion.

We are delighted to release the following Editions:

Edition #1 by Dewsbury based Artist, Jim Brook.

Where can I go from your Spirit?, 2023.

Signed ltd edition /10

12 x 10, Giclèe Prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Jim has chosen Prospect Union to donate 25% of profits to.

Edition #2 by Sheffield based Artist, Grace Clifford.

Clam, 2022

Signed ltd edition /10

12 x 10, Giclèe Prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Grace has chosen Inquest Charity to donate 25% of profits to.

WCCD Editions are available to buy here.

You can also get your hands on a Pack of 4 postcards by Grace and Jim.

For sales and enquires please email :

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