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WCCD x Pineapple Black Arts

Founded by artists Bobby Benjamin and Stephen Irving, Pineapple Black Arts is an arts space centred in Middlesbrough with a focus on celebrating and supporting artists of all backgrounds and creating safe, inclusive spaces for audiences and artists alike.

In 2021, Pineapple Black launched PBVArts; a virtual rendition of their gallery space. PBVArts will feature a diverse programme of monthly exhibitions running throughout the year.

THIS IS NOT A SHOW. THIS IS A STATEMENT OF INTENT. This is the first collective exposition from the Working Class Creatives Database, held in conjunction with Pineapple Black. Uniting the work is one thread: created by people from a working-class background. This is a statement of our intent. Involving an extensive number of members from the database, the exhibition will bring together many different disciplines to create a showcase for their work. Held in an expansive 3D space, there will be a network of rooms allowing the viewer to explore painting, photography, 3D design, and sculpture, amongst other forms. As well as showcasing member's work, it will contribute to a broader narrative of working class experience in the arts.

It will be held as an online exhibition from April 9th until May 14th. This is in conjunction with Pineapple Black Arts, based in Middlesbrough, and will be held at their virtual gallery, PBVArts. The exhibition will be free for all to access for the duration. Here is a link to the show:

Artwork Designed by one of our Members Corie McGowan

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