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WCCD x SET Residency Announcement

We are excited to announce that our members Yasmine Brennan and Eleanor Mclean will be in residence at our studio in SET Woolwich until July.

Yasmine Brennan (Gremlin) practice is an active practice that fall within the cracks of lost time. How in which this practice stays alive is through the means of retelling a new Albion.

An Albion that is founded from neglection but is set forth to a new means of reform and renewal. The individual is compelled to look closer, to be pulled to the nostalgic satire that live within the archive.

The artefacts used hold a closed past that truly permits us into the English psyche. The psyche is held up to be scrutinised by the gremlin, as they play the role of the fool leaving bread crumbs of internalised social attitudes. Never guiding the viewer to a conclusive reading but instead leaving an urgency of neglect. The fool doesn't plead in asking for cooperative interactions, it glories in not asking for permission.

Eleanor McLean (she/her) is a British multidisciplinary artist currently based in London. She is a Fine Art graduate from UCA Farnham and MA Sculpture graduate from the RCA.

My practice operates across different disciplines within the realm of sculpture, installation and writing. The work speaks in poetic forms, of dreamscapes and memories, falling in and out of heterotopias, considering the position of systems of order and belief. I combines found objects with writing and craft, drawing on intimate memories and collective nostalgia within British culture.

WCCD has hosted 6 residence at our studio in SET so far giving working class artists the space and time to develop their practice. All of our work is volunteer led. If you would like to support the work we do you can donate to us here

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