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An Interview with Faye Rita Robinson

At the beginning of 2021 we were gifted a space at SET Woolwich. We have used it as a Residency space for our members. Faye has been in our Residency space since November.

Can you tell me a bit about your work?

My practice consists of painting, sculpture and textiles. I use these to conjure and explore subconscious worlds where my dreams, anxieties and fantasies mix with folk tales and the abstract ideas of medieval mysticism. With dreams playing an important role in my life, I explore symbolism and create images and situations that while are familiar, seem warped and disjointed from reality.

Why did you apply for the WCCD


As a self-taught artist, before being granted the space at SET studios I had never had a studio space before and worked entirely from home. I knew when moving from Nottingham to London that this would be made a lot more difficult. Both tufting and painting can require a lot of space and aren’t always ideal at-home practices (fluff over every inch of the flat!). Besides the functionality of having a studio space, I applied for the residency for a sense of community I knew I would need,

especially when moving to a new city.

Being a part of SET really helped with transitioning into a new place and allowed me to meet so many new and fantastic people!

Tell us about what you have been up to during the residency! For the first half of the residency, I worked on pieces for various music projects. I worked on some single artworks for the band I’m in, Blood Wizard, and some costume pieces for our upcoming music videos. We love to explore fantasy realms and dress up so it’s a perfect outlet to try new things and experiment with wearable art. Part of my usual practice is rug making using a tufting gun, and for the first of our new singles I created two tufted

conical hats. Having the studio also allowed me the space to experiment with new tools and mediums I hadn’t tried before. For our second music video, I experimented with an airbrush gun on some black Lycra outfits I made using patterns and motifs from my artworks, like the smiling demon. The next project I worked on was set pieces for a music video for Clara Mann, for this I designed celestial/weather soft sculpture friends that inhabited the dream world of the clown character. On the second half of my residency, I’ve been focusing on doing things with no purpose or end goal, practicing painting and trying out some new processes and techniques! I painted myself as some kind of water winged fairy which was fun.

What will you be doing when the residency has ended?

I love trying out new things and this is something the residency has given me the freedom to do. I tend to try too many different things at once and that’s going to continue after my residency ends! I’ve got on to an affordable evening ceramics

course I’ve been on a waiting list of for months so really excited to get started on that. One of the things I had planned to make whilst on my residency but never got round to was a huge rug with someone wielding a mace that is getting tangled in stars, so I’ll probably get to that at some point too!

Check out Faye's WCCD Profile here

Our Database and residency program is run by Working Class Volunteers. We are currently raising money to fund two Paid roles so we can continue our work supporting working class creatives. If you would like to donate to WCCD or share our funding page please follow this link

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