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An Interview with Renatha Hoga

At the beginning of 2021 we were gifted a space at SET Woolwich. We have been using it as a Residency space for our members. We spoke to one of our current residence Renatha about her time in the studio.

Can you tell me a bit about your work?

My practice is in fashion design, I am interested in using stories to inform my design process as well as experimenting with different materials and construction methods to produce new outcomes. My focus is on working with new materials like up-cycled leather and folded paper in addition to exploring the presentation of a concept through photography and performative art as well as the physical product.

Why did you apply for the WCCD Residency?

I applied for the WCCD Residency as I saw it as the perfect opportunity to create freely on whatever I wanted, without the pressure from an employer or exam board specification. It was also a great reason to move back to London. I’m so grateful for the opportunity as doing the residency has helped me develop my handwriting as a designer with extra time to explore and experiment in areas that interested and excited me most after graduating.

Tell us about what you have been up to during the residency!

The work created during the residency explores the multi-functionality of made objects, by exploring how garments and accessories can be exhibited on and off the body. I used up-cycled leather to explore the theme of ‘caught in motion'. I studied the energy and movement found in substances like caramelised milk, and adopted paper folding techniques to create new techniques that I used to make a series of wearable sculptures and garments.

What will you be doing when the residency has ended?

Now, I am focusing on turning the ideas and techniques developed during the residency, from abstract concepts into functional items and accessories.

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