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Members Highlight - Eleanor Mclean

Eleanor McLean (she/her), b.1997 is a British multidisciplinary artist based in London. She is a 2022 Sculpture graduate from the RCA, and 2020 Fine Art graduate from UCA Farnham.

Eleanor McLean was one of two recipients for our 2023 residency at SET Woolwich. This residency is for WCCD members who are in need of a space to continue their practice giving them the opportunity to develop work, and dedicated space to create. We have hosted 8 residencies since 2021 and have welcomed our two new residence this January.

“I have a multi-disciplinary practice that operates within the realms of sculpture and installation, using found objects, writing and craft. It is often poetic, drawing on personal nostalgia and collective memories through British culture within objects, interiors and traditions.”

“Whilst on precarious income, I found the thought of paying additional rent for a studio on top of living rent, really daunting and alienating, not to mention balancing a full-time job with an art practice etc, which of course, I’m sure must be challenging to navigate for a lot of artists?

I have been very fortunate to have such an incredible amount of space; it helped me focus and work on multiple projects and shows I had coming up, whilst particularly supporting me to build a new body of work for a my first curatorial project back in August. It was very encouraging. The work I have produced during my time on the residency largely ranges from, tufted textiles works, sculptural furniture, painting and ceramics.

Going forward, I am currently working on a commission in collaboration with the musician @me.lrosee whilst also working on producing a series of mono-print zines that will also hopefully be for sale, as an extension from a writing project I started last year called, Lost in Translation - an on-going series of creative texts sent through a mailing list subscription. I am also continuing an analogue photography project documenting the interior and architecture of Victorian pubs.”

You can find out more about Eleanor and her practice here:

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