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Members Highlight - Yasmine Brennan

Yasmine Brennan (Gremlin) (she/ they), is a British manc meddling in all thing arts and community. Based in London, where they graduate from Camberwell UAL 2022. 

"My practice is an active practice that fall within the cracks of lost time. How in which this practice stays alive is through the means of retelling a new Albion. An Albion that is founded from neglection but is set forth to a new means of reform and renewal. Neglection, archive , community and britishness is the main cares within my work. I tend to use found objects, paper and salt for my pieces but I am open to many forms."

Why did you apply for the WCCD Residency?

The main reason for applying to the residency was an urgency to feel a bit more grounded in a current chaotic art-world that leaves you feeling a bit lost. The residency felt like a lovely thing to be a part of and core value to what should be offered to artists! 

- How have you used the time and space over the last year, what have you been making or thinking about? 

Through out my time in the space it has really confirm the importance of community. Being in a massive building mainly full of artists made me feel quite United to the agency we have and the realness of people wanting to keep their practice alive. With this notion I set out to keep my practice a live thorough different means I have created some stage props for an Orchestra creating a new creature called Pegasus. I’ve create more pieces for an on going piece called ‘ your kisses taste nice, it’s black currant cordial’. While also moving forward on creating more community dynamics through life drawing classes. 

How have you benefited from having this studio space? 

By having this space it has given me a vehicle to channel on specific elements of my practice and keep my inner dialog going, while in a not so great time of current climate and being in a mist of the rat race of London's art world. Being within a collective that gives way to bringing spaces together for collaboration, really sets fourth collectivism and moves towards working against neo-liberalistic politics, which for me I hold dear to me heart. So, I feel pretty honored to know and be a part this database and have be given a residency.

What are you working on/ thinking about at the moment? 

At the moment I've been working on a piece called 'Blood from a stone' which was shown at the Pull a Pew show curated by the lovely Sofia de la Torre, which was all things pub and what not. My piece's main feature was a wine box fixated inside the 6ft cardboard stone, which caused all the adults to go giddy.

You can find out more about Yasmine and her practice here:

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